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8 Aug August

In this episode Erik Gross sits down with radio personality Gustav, of Portland's 94.7 KNRK! They talk about our guest's surprising background and interest in tech, how that contributed to his career in radio, Gustav's experience living in Germany and more!

Don't forget to stay tuned at the end of the episode for Jack's weekly tip — this one's particularly helpful for new employees or anyone who's trying to climb that corporate ladder.

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The Tech Academy Podcast is hosted by Erik Gross, experienced Software Developer and co-founder of The Tech Academy.

Every week we sit down with fellow tech professionals and enthusiasts and talk all things tech. From how they got their start, to their vision of the future of tech, and everything in between— you'll get your daily dose of tech talk here!

Featured at the end of each episode is Erik's co-founder, entrepreneur and business expert Jack Stanley, who shares with us quick tips and insights on how to succeed in the business and professional world.

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